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      About us
    OPTOLIFE ENTERPRISE LIMITED is an OEM, producing precision optics to our customers design and specification. Our optics are manufactured by our wholly owned factory.

    Owing to the effort of our optical professional, who have more than 10 years' experience in the corresponding fields, the company has been developed a lot in aspheric condenser lens (aspherical condenser lens), optical filter glass, optical lens, front surface mirror, prism, cylindrical lens, ball lens, projector lens, fresnel lens and other main business ranges.

    Optolife has the best team which is composed of experienced optical experts and technical consultants, so the production of our company can perfectly meet the customer demand.

    Nowadays, beside the advanced technology, optolife focuses more attention on production control to improve productivity. At present the monthly capacity of our company are 50,000 pieces of normal lens and 5,000 pieces of aspherical lens.

    Optolife is your reliable supplier & strategic partner in optics!

Address: Room 1016, Huaxuan building, No.1558, Caoan Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: 0086-21-69105301 Fax: 0086-21-69105302
email 1: sales@optolife.com
email 2: optolife@163.com
Skype: optolife