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FRL006 Information Details
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All dimensions are in millimeter
Part#DimensionEFLGrooveMaterialPriceStock QtyBuy
FRL00150x30mm500mm.3PMMAUS$3.50 Add to Cart
FRL002Ø80mm70mm.3PMMAUS$3.50 Add to Cart
FRL019112x87mm160mm.3PMMAUS$4.00 Add to Cart
FRL020112x87mm180mm.3PMMAUS$4.00 Add to Cart
FRL003100x100mm100mm.3PMMAUS$4.50 Add to Cart
FRL004100x100mm120mm.3PMMAUS$4.50 Add to Cart
FRL005165x105mm160mm.3PMMAUS$5.00 Add to Cart
FRL007240x180mm220/330mm.5PMMAUS$12.30 Add to Cart
FRL007A240x180mm220mm.5PMMAUS$6.50 Add to Cart
FRL007B240x180mm330mm.5PMMAUS$6.50 Add to Cart
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