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      Aspheric Condenser Lenses
Aspheric condenser Lenses
  Steep aspheric lens surfaces produce large angles of refraction and hence short focal lengths. Aspheric lens surfaces can also be free from spherical aberration. For these reasons aspheric lenses produce highly efficient low f/number light condensers. They can be used to collimate or focus a lamp output or to collect radiation from a distant point and condense it onto a detector surface.
    Tooling costs are lower because we do not use moulds.
    We have competitive pricing and short lead-time for custom aspherical lenses in prototype or large manufacturing needs.
    We have over 300 toolings for various aspheric lenses. And we are sure these toolings can meet your many requirements. Contact us Now, don't waste your time & money in making toolings!
  Diameter range: Ø8mm - Ø350mm.

  Normal Specification
  Focal Length: +/-3%
  Diameter: +0.0/-0.2
  Center Thickness:  +/-0.3
  Centering: 3'
  Surface Quality: 60/40
  AR coating available

All dimensions are in millimeter
Part#EFLDiameterCTETCoatingMaterialPriceStock QtyBuy
A335-100.413.452.9NoneB270US$16.002 Add to Cart
A335MC-100.413.452.9MCB270US$18.0010 Add to Cart
A304R1C79.56.52.4CN-BK7US$8.0010 Add to Cart
A304R2C76.52.4CN-BK7US$8.008 Add to Cart
A2998105.82.1B270US$7.00446 Add to Cart
A3559.3167.51.2NoneN-BK7US$13.8071 Add to Cart
A29410.5125.81.9B270US$7.002042 Add to Cart
A295121582.4NoneB270US$8.00125 Add to Cart
A37212208.81NoneN-BK7US$10.00111 Add to Cart
A3131412.95.72.6N-BK7US$7.0017 Add to Cart
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