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    Optolife manufactures and supplies lenses in optical crown and heat resistant borosilicate (other material types are available), with single layer or multi-layer anti-reflective coatings to increase light transmission properties.
    Our comprehensive optical Lens widely for stage lighting, disco lighting, overhead projector, LED lighting, automotive lights, LCD projector, illumination systems and other specification.

Big Size Lens / Large Lens
Optolife can manufacture and supply lens diameter up to 550mm.

Aspheric Condenser Lens, Fire Polish Aspheric Lenses
With low-cost fabrication, OptoLife is able to manufacture one side & both sides aspheric surface lens.
Tooling costs are lower because we do not use moulds.

Optics for Over Head Projector
Optolife supply all the optics components of OHP. Such as triplet lens, reflector, condenser lens, heat filter, front surface mirror, fresnel lens, etc.

Custom Optics
Because our manufacturing facility is extremely flexible we are just as happy to produce few pieces as we are to produce large volume.
Enquiries for prototypes are welcome.
Please contact us for any of your optical needs.

List stock lenses for sale online
(Including aspheric lenses, spherical lenses & achromatic lenses)

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